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Working together

Pupils at Patcham House generally have 'complex needs' that is to say, they might have a mix of developmental, psychological, sensory and other issues that need special attention at one time or another, or perhaps throughout their time with us.

The school holds a termly in-reach multi-disciplinary team meeting, where professionals can discuss support for families and pupils and how best to provide this. 

Various things can affect learning and young people's opportunities to make the most of their time here, so we work closely with other agencies for specialist help and support, this is called 'multi-agency working'.

physical health

The school has access to a school nurse and pupils can be referred for individual appointments or accompanied by family members where there are areas of concern or support required.

Patcham House is part of the Healthy Schools network, and this is reflected in the structure of our school day with a sensory break taking place every morning in which pupils are encouraged to take exercise. Pupils also learn about healthy eating in their cooking lessons.


Sensory needs

Pupils with sensory needs eg hearning or visual impairment, have input from the Sensory Needs Service (SNS) who might visit pupils at home and at school.  Sometimes your child's keyworker or teacher might suggest that a hearing or sight test is needed if they have noticed your child having difficulty in class.

Speech, language and communication - Speech and Language Therapy (SALT) is conducted on site for certain pupils, and is embedded into pupils' Individual Education Plans where this is appropriate. The speech and language therapist might also work with our staff team to suggest ways that SALT can be incorporated into other areas of a child's learning. If you have concerns about your child's speech and language development, contact your child's keyworker to discuss the referral process.

social Issues

Support in applying for Free School Meals can be given by the School Office. The school has an Early Help Coordinator (Abigail Town) who can work either directly to support families or to signpost to additional support services.

Attendance support

Attendance is monitored regularly, pupils with poor attendance are supported by a range of services. Janet Davidson is the school lead for attendance and is happy to discuss any concerns families may have regarding their child's attendance

mental health

Child Adolescent and Mental Health Services (CAMHS) work with some of our pupils, through referrals made by GPs, other health professionals, and in some cases by the school.

We do our best to keep up to date contacts for our pupils, but sometimes information is not shared with us by other agencies very quickly. If someone is working with your child/family please do let us know. All information will be kept in confidence.

in reach profiles

Below are profiles of staff In Reach staff currently working with our pupils

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