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Personal Social Health & Citizenship Education

Life Skills & Core Lifeskills

In Years 9 & 10 we follow the Core Programme for Drugs & Alcohol Education and Sex & Relationship Education.

The focus of these studies is preventative and for students to be aware of the risk involved around Sex & Drugs. We want to prepare students to have positive relationships as they enter adulthood and to make informed choices.

This year at both KS3 & 4 we have looked at Personal Finance. We feel it is very important for students to be aware of the dangers of debt and how budgeting and sensible spending can prevent this.

We hope that we will have workshops run by Barclays Bank during the summer term that will allow students to understand the practical benefits of this work.

Parents can withdraw their children from Sex and Relationship Education if they wish, but we would recommend discussing this with your child's keyworker first. More details can be found in our PSHCE (including SRE) Policy.

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