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English department

The English Department is run by

Mrs. Banfield

Assisted by




Mrs. Grant                                                                                Mr. Nichols                                        










Our Ethos

English Functional Skills at Patcham House embeds everyday literacy tasks into the students learning cycle.
In lessons we approach each topic with visual, auditory and practical support, embedding a wider learning experience. 


A personal approach

Bespoke learning in English enables students to participate and complete their work in ways that facilitate their personal needs. This supports their ability to explore their applications of learning and that ‘failure’ isn’t deemed a failure but a process by which to learn and succeed, ensuring a positive and inclusive approach to learning.



Assessing students’ progression in English is monitored throughout the year with the inclusion of the NGRT assessments and the summative assessments through the AQA exam board.  We cover

AQA Entry level 1, 2 and 3

AQA Functional skills Level 1 and Level 2

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