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Taking part

At Patcham House, we believe that 'Learning for Life' includes learning how to enjoy life, and to take part in community life and extra-curricular activities.Young people with special needs can sometimes find it hard to take part in activities that are new and challenging to them. It can also be difficult for parents to find the time and resources to take their children to out of school activities, and to find activities that are suitable for their child's particular needs.

These pages list some of the activities available at school, but we also aim to draw parents' and pupils' attention to activities that happen in their local area. We have Family Information Contacts at school to assist with this. Please contact Mrs Whittington, who will be happy to help.

Costs of out of school activities are kept to a minimum, but parents do need to arrange transport home for their children if they are staying on after school, as unfortunately taxi transport is not available from the local authority for out of school activities

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